Thank U, Next Book Tag

I know it's been a WHILE since Thank U, Next was released but anything related to Ariana Grande is never not relevant for me. And, as somebody who is still obsessed with this song (and the entire Thank U, Next album, obviously), I am super excited to do this tag. Also, if you aren't already... Continue Reading →


The Haunting of Hill House ft. episodes that scare you to death and leave you extremely emotional as well | A Review

As somebody who isn’t the biggest fan of horror films*, I was quite surprised when I added The Haunting of Hill House to the list of my most favourite shows. Despite the fact that it’s been several weeks since I finished watching it, I am still SHOOK because of how insufferably good this show is.... Continue Reading →

The Epic Reads Tag!

After weeks of stressful exams and an unwelcome reading+blogging slump, I am finally back with a new book tag. I came across this tag on Noa's Blog (A Bookish Dream World). You can watch the Margot's original video here! 1) If you could invite one author and one of their fictional characters to tea, who... Continue Reading →


It’s no secret that villains, anti-heroes and antagonists in YA are some of the most intricate characters. Every now and then, we even come across ones who are way more intriguing than the protagonists. Some fictional villains end up being part of my list of favorite villains (that is longer than I’d like to admit)... Continue Reading →

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